TCI orients incoming trainees to its facilities, its course outline, affiliations and activities. During this period trainees were given student manual as guidelines to help them understand their duties and responsiblities while attending training at TCI.
Student's Life
At TCI, trainees are encourage to engage in different activities that would enhance their creativity and cognitive skills.  
Alumni and members of TCI Community can help strengthen its programs , develop, promotes its activities, support outstanding faculty and enrich the student experience.



TCI is one of the most successful community organization that helps develop Overseas Filipino Worker's (OFW') skills in the field of Healthcare.
One of its pioneer program, the Caregiver Training Program, after its introduction in 2009, was considered an opportunity among distress OFW to successfully gain entrance in the field of Healthcare which for some remains elusive.
Another milestone for TCI is the introduction of the Nurse Aide Program that helps the filipino workers find suitable posts in any hospitals in the Kingdom.
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  • TCI opens its door to International Students.
  • Batch 32 Traiing Program Registratio.
  • Batch 4 Trainee migrated to Canada.
  • Batch 1 Trainee landed a Caregiver job in Montreal, Canada.
  • Batch 6 Trainee granted a working visa by the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh.
These trainees were just a few among the successful TESDA certified Caregiver and Nurse Aide who benefited  from TCI programs. 


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