Caregiver Program

TCI Caregiver program is a 6 months intensive training program. Its curriculum was carefully designed to adhere with International standard based on quality education and staff's expertise to provide the trainees with excellent skills training.

The trainees have to undergo a total of 640 hours of rigid classroom-based modular instruction and 90 hours of skills enhancement training under the supervision of a qualified training officers. 

 Modular-based subject includes:

  •  Introduction to Caregiver which tackle personality adjustment to minimize stress and burnout on the caregiver
  • Care of the Infant, toddlers and teen-agers 
  • Care of the Adult and the aged 
  • Introduction to Human behavior and the disease process
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology
  • Nursing Skills.
Actual return demonstration on IM/subcutaneous injections (L) and calorie calculation and dietary management workshop (R). These are some of the activities of the trainees.
Basic Cardiac Life Support Training Course at KFAFH 
Total Care International was the first Filipino organization that were granted permission by the Academic Affairs and Training Department of King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital (KFAFH) to avail the Basic Cardiac Life Support Course (BCLS) that are solely for Medical Institution.

The Course is Accredited by the Saudi Council for Health Specialties ,Saudi Heart Association and the American Heart Association.

To obtain the BCLS provider certificate, participants has to pass the skills (CPR,AED etc) and the written exam.

Skills Enhancement Training

Caregiver trainees are exposed to different Nursing Departments like Labor and Delivery including Nursery, ICU/CCU, Medical-Surgical Wards, ER, etc. and perform basic and complex nursing procedures under the direct supervision of a qualified Training Officers (RN).

After the completion of the training program, the trainees are re-evaluated based on the practical application of their knowledge and skills before the certificates are given.

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