Healthcare graduates of Total Care International are encourage to enhance their skills by taking part in our volunteer program. TCI graduates are referred to diffrent participating hospitals in Jeddah. 

Some were granted permission to work as volunteers in different Nursing Departments of the hospital.

Aside from skills enhancement of healthcare provider, post graduate experience is necessary as a pre-requisite for those who wish to work in Canada as a caregiver. 200 working hours is the minimun requirement for all caregiver applicants who wishes to work there.

Other skills related activities of our graduates. Trully a world-class healthcare provider.


TCI healthcare graduates were recognized for their skills and dedicaion towards their work, hence some of them were offered employment after graduation. 

A healthcare graduate has been successfully hired as full time Patient-Care Assistant at the International Medical Center, Jeddah.

Majority of Healthcare graduates of TCI were offered part-time jobs in different nursing homes and hospital based clients in the area.

Our graduates who successfully passed the TESDA NC II exam were granted LMO certificates by the Canadian Government.

TCI will continue to uphold the highest standard of practice based on evidence  and updates from international healthcare communities thru seminars and symposiums.

Healthcare trainees were allowed to observed and perform nursing procedure inside the operating theaters. 

Requirements for admission

  • Updated CV
  • BLS Training Certificate
  • Authenticated Training Certificate or TESDA NCII Certificate
  • Valid Iqama
  • Paspport size ID photo 

For more details about the volunteer program please contact TCI Secretary at 0544013789 or visit us every Friday between 9 to 5 pm. 

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