Q: Are you a TESDA Certified/Accredited School?

A: TCI is a non-government organization (NGO) which offers program that has been recognized by TESDA Philippines.TESDA Policies and guidelines cover only institution based in the Philippines and not on International waters, unless the school is located within the Philippine Embassy premises, in which case it shall be govern by the Philippine laws.

Q: Is TCI Caregiver program recognized by TESDA?

A: Yes. Our program is recognized by TESDA. More details...

Q: Were your trainees able to take and pass the NCII exam?

A: Yes. Our trainees who took the NCII exam pass with flying colors. More details...

Q: Is TCI registered under the government of Saudi Arabia?

A: No. TCI is legitimate OFW organization  under the directives of the Philippine Consulate of Jeddah, and all its activities is under the Cultural Affairs of the Consulate.

Q: What is the duration of your program?

A: 6 months

Q: What is IVETA?

A: International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA).

Q: What benefit can a member get out of IVETA?


Q: Can you assure job placement after completion of the training?

A: TCI is not a recruitment or placement agency that can assure job placement to a successful trainee, but we can recommend hospitals that accepts caregiver volunteers or possible employment.

Q: Why the trainees have to take BCLS rather than Heart saver?

A: BCLS is a pre-requisite for any medical personnel (trainees or staff) in Saudi hospitals in the Kingdom. 

Q: What are the requirements to work in Canada as Caregiver?

TOR (transcript of records) is needed as a supporting document  that the applicant has achieve the 72 units credit of College education (Canadian High School Equivalent), not necessary Caregiver course units but any College course units. To further support the issue, please click on the links below.

Q: I am a high school graduate, do I need to go back to Philippines to enroll in College to acquire 72 units after I finish your program?

A: If you are planning to work in Canada, yes! But some countries accepts High School (Philippine standard) as a minimum requirement for issuance of work permits. e.g. New Zealand, UK, Italy , etc.

Q: How many credit units is Caregiver course in the Philippines?

A: Depending on the School, it varies from 26 to 33 units in 6 months.

Q: What are the requirements to enroll in any Caregiver school in the Philippines?

A: The prerequisites for acceptance into the Live-in Caregiver Program in the Philippines are as follows: The applicant must have a minimum of 72 units or 2 years successful completion of College. Must read , write and be able to speak fluently in English. You will need to apply for a police clearance as well as pass a medical examination.

Q: Will you be able to give TOR at th end of training?
A: No. TOR is issued only to undergraduate or post graduate college trainees by a TESDA or CHEd accredited schools.

Q: What documents a trainee will receive after completion of the 6 months caregiver program?

A: Certificate of Completion and BCLS Training Certificate.

Q: What are the requirements to take TESDA NCII exam?

A: Candidates for certification as a Caregiver NCII must have one (1) year work experience as any of the following:
  • Child Caregiver
  • Elderly Caregiver
  • Caregiver of People with Special Needs
Have completed a TESDA registered training program for Caregiver conducted by any industrial/training institution followed by on the job training or OJT of 80 hours.
Have completed a training conducted by any legitimate foreign based industrial/organization/training institution.

Q: Is TOR needed to take Caregiver NC II exam?

A: No. Certificate of Training or Proof of employment as Caregiver are the only documents needed to take the TESDA  exam.

Q: What are the requirements to enroll in your program?

A: Copy of High School Diploma or TOR (for College level or graduate), passport size photo with white background, valid IQAMA.

Q: Are TCI Staff (Training Officers) qualified?

A: Yes. TCI training officers and instructors are volunteer registered nurses from different hospitals in Jeddah.

Q: Why your Instructors not TESDA qualified/Certified?

A: Programs offered in TCI are not TESDA regulated nor affiliated to any Philippine-based TESDA accredited programs, hence its Training Officers/Instructors do not have to be TESDA certified.

Q: Is your program Internationally recognized?

A: Yes. Thru IVETA, TCI programs were recognized by International Healthcare Communities/Organizations worldwide.

Q. Is 6 months  Live-in Caregiver a vocational course?

A. Yes. 6 months Caregiver program is a vocational course.