Nurse’s Aide Training Program

Total Care International opens a new heights in healthcare program, the Nurse Aide/Nurse Assistant program.



Certified Nurse aides or nurse assistants work directly with patients in nursing care facilities. Nurse aides provide a variety of personal services by answering phones, helping patients eat, bathe and groom, taking basic medical records and moving or lifting elderly or disabled patients. To become certified, nurse aides must complete 120 hours of proper training and pass a competency exam.

Nursing Aide Certificate 

A Nursing Aide Certificate program generally requires one semester of study and teaches students to provide direct care to patients, communicate with patients and medical staff members and perform various health and organizational tasks. 

Training Requirements and Recommendations

Nurse Assistants/Aides must have high school diplomas/certificates. A candidate for the Nurse Aides program must have at least 120 hours of approved, supervised training. Upon completion of a training program, aides can take a comprehensive nursing care exam that ensures nursing care proficiency and overall competency.

With certification, CNAs can find direct care positions with nursing homes, hospitals, geriatric care facilities and other personal care centers. Continuing education opportunities are often provided by employers, since CNAs must have current medical and health care knowledge to successfully care for patients.

Courses in a nursing aide certificate program may cover the following: Clinical nursing practices, Personal care strategies,  Infection control,  Medical terminology,  Emergency and safety procedures,  Medical record keeping.

 Formal Education

All certified nurse aides are required to have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Most employers do not require aides to have a college degree, though completion of a Nursing Aide Certificate program can give students a better understanding of nurse assisting. Certificate programs offered by nursing or vocational schools do not lead directly to certification, but allow students to meet the training requirements needed for certification.

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