Pharmacy Assistant/Technician
A pharmacy technician position requires less drug-related expertise than is required for a pharmacist but alot more education than what a regular individual has.

Pharmacy technicians are often the persons you will see within pharmacies. They in fact perform the scheduled job of allotting pills – receiving prescriptions, checking their correctness, finding the prescription medication, counting, weighing or otherwise measuring it. 
They usually prepare the prescription labeling, pick out a appropriate bottle and label it. The filled medical prescription will be priced, recorded and checked by a pharmacist before being made available to the patient.


  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must be a High School graduate
  • Must be of good moral character

If you have decided to start your career as a pharmacy technician then congratulations!
You are entering a field that, over the next several years, will be in very high demand. So your chances of finding a job and becoming a pharmacy technician will be exceptional.
Hospital pharmacy assistants/technician may fill prescriptions, compound creams, liquids and other medication. In retail pharmacies, they typically count pills and compound creams.
Administrative Duties
Pharmacy assistants/technician are often responsible for managing and rotating inventory within the pharmacy. They often recieve incoming shipments, handle any accompanying paperwork, and restock medication as needed.
Pharmacy assistantsmust be accurate and detailed oriented person. They are often responsible for tasks where accuracy is highly important such as operating cash registers and updating patient records and profiles.

Listening and Communication 
Pharmacy assistants must have exceptional listening and communication skills. They must be able to follow directions well and communicate effectively with both patients and other medical professionals.

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